Joshua Leigh Wolfe

Special guest

Ever since watching The Truman Show, I can't get over the feeling that cameras really are watching me. Back when N64 was still brand new, I came up with my first "video game". I used the plastic army men and created the first level with character selection and all. A few months later, Army Men the video game came out, further endorsing my feeling that cameras are watching me. I've started, but never finished, 3 AMVs, and now I've lost the videos and anime, so I can't finish them. I wish I had an Irish accent, though what guy doesn't? I shared a room with my brother until the 10th grade. I don't have a radio in my car, so when my iPod is dead, I spend most of my time conversing with other cars on the road. Not drivers—cars. I've been north to Canada. I've been south to Florida. I've been east to Europe. I haven't been farther west than Atlanta. I used to think NSync was the best band ever....glad that's over. I walked in on my parents having sex when I was young because I needed someone to reach the cereal. I'm utterly addicted to sushi. Thanks Jackie!! I haven't "really" had Lido's pizza yet. I can't whistle.

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