Michael Smith

Co-Host of Poorly Summarized

In the moment of creating art I feel like I am not wasting the world's time. I have an uncanny ability of bringing up my best bench press max within the first 2 minutes of meeting someone. I have built a personality around pretending to not need your approval. I think life is objectively meaningless and art is a beautiful lie that makes us believe otherwise for long enough to change the subject. I have mixed feelings about receiving a Masters degree in Architecture from UCLA but I am happy to accept your respect (more than happy in fact). I have sustained a love for birds for longer than I expected. Going on long walks in the city with my daughter makes me feel better about giving her too much junk food. A therapist would probably tell me that I think any attention is good attention. I have made art with the explicit intention of having it described as "staggering". The fact that I have not enjoyed a single Star Wars movie is something that I am not good at keeping to myself. A profound lack of self-awareness allowed me to spend two years of my life trying to be a professional stand-up comedian. I bench pressed 405 pounds once. I have spent time resenting the advice of hypothetical therapists. I live in Utah and will argue that it is more beautiful than homophobic.

Michael Smith has hosted 107 Episodes.